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compay solicitor is needed in todays competative market

We are a team of company Solicitor who make it our first priority to understand you and your business, this enables us to give the best advice and make sure it is relevant to you and that it assists you in achieving your commercial goals. We also create custom built solutions for all our clients which means each document is custom made for every client. we are well practised at dealing with every day and not so everyday problems regarding corporate law. This is why we understand getting and giving the right advice at the right time can be cruel to help ensure you as a business receive what you are entitled to. Making sure you are getting the required entitlement can also assist in preventing and limiting the risks encountered by all businesses.

A company solicitor working for AJC Law will typically cover many aspects of corporate law from financial services, energy and infrastructure, consumer and retail, digital, health and life sciences to industry and transport. While dealing with a variety of sectors this means that a company solicitor will undertake a wide variety of different work, which includes advising on IP rights, IT deals, procurement contracts, digital banking and payments work, outsourcing and manufacturing, supply chain and advertising arrangements. By dealing with a diverse range of clients and legal problems we gain a much broader range of experience which can only benefit our clients. As a result of our broad range of experience clients often range from sole traders and start-ups to FTSE 100 companies and global financial institutions, all of whom require their commercial lawyers to have a deep understanding of both their individual business and the markets in which they operate.

Our team here at AJC Law is one of the UK's leading company solicitor teams. Our team of highly experienced and skilled company Solicitor are based in York but also work around Yorkshire and the Humber we are dedicated to providing prompt and practical legal advice on employment law issues.

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