HR Law

HR Law

Human Resources (HR) Law is related to Labour and Employment law however the difference between standard employment law and hr law is that hr law encompasses the various laws and regulations specific to HR professionals.

Hr law deals with the issues that HR professionals must contend with in the majority of their work functions, predominantly in overseeing and managing duties related to hiring, firing, employee benefits, wages, pay checks, and overtime. It may also pertain to workplace safety, privacy; and preventing discrimination and harassment.

AJC hr law solicitors deliver outstanding employment and HR law advice on an affordable basis for small to medium sizes businesses across the UK. Our unique approach to support focuses on what really matters; protecting our clients, servicing their individual needs and delivering results.

We also offer well drafted, relevant and up to date HR contracts, policies, procedures and associated documents are essential to your business. Our company policy is to offer No judgment, no jargon and no text book answers that mean nothing to your business. We provide commercial, relevant employment and HR law advice.

Our team work together to provide you the best solution within your budget for your HR needs. We take the potential stress and complexity out of the need for protection surrounding HR law, which then provides you with the peace of mind to focus on running your business.

The key to good preparation is first working out what legislation and HR procedures apply to your organisation, this can be daunting for you and team. Which this why we can give you an overview of employment law, and some basic information around equal opportunities and diversity, as well as some guidance on record keeping.

An overview of employment law ensures your contractual arrangements with employees comply with employment legislation. Letting us look over your Employment policies and procedures means we can check that your procedures define, regulate and inform how you and your organisation operate. It is also important to have information on how to develop a policy such as equal opportunities and diversity policies. Employees, volunteers and people who use your services have legal protection against discrimination in a number of areas. Keeping employee records shows that your organisation is in compliance with the legal aspects.

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