Clinical Negligence

If there has been negligent treatment we will pursue the negligent party for compensation on your behalf.

Clinical Negligence which is often referred to as Medical Negligence can sound quite scary and complicated but simply put it is when an individual or organisation fails to provide care at a standard accepted level.

The consequences of this neglect are often serious and can include permanent injury, psychological trauma or even death. Negligence can occur in treatment provided by GPs, NHS or Private Hospitals, Dentists and private clinics.

A claim for compensation arising out of Medical Negligence involves a number of steps which must be successfully cleared. If your claim is not successful at one of these steps then it will fail.

The initial step is to obtain copies of the medical notes and records which will also include any scans or x-rays. These will be checked by medically qualified staff who will help to collate the records.

It will then be necessary for an expert medical report to be prepared which will consider whether or not the treatment or standard of care received was negligent, and if it was, what damage the treatment has caused. If the treatment was negligent the report will go on to explain whether or not it has caused any damage.

Negligent treatment can include the following:

Mismanaged birth
Delayed diagnosis
Errors in prescribing medication
Delay in referral for treatment
Failing to take proper care during an operation
Not obtaining the patient’s proper consent

If there has been negligent treatment we will pursue the neglectful party for compensation on your behalf. Often claims can be settled by negotiation and increasingly through mediation. However if Court proceedings are necessary then we will guide you through this process.

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