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    Overview and Fee Structure

    It is important to know how much it will cost you to recover your outstanding debts. The following is a breakdown of what it will cost.

    Letter Before Action

    This is an initial solicitors letter sent to the debtor to demand payment. In addition to the debt and any Late Payment Interest and Compensation will be added.

    AWe will charge you £25.00 + VAT for sending this letter.

    Court Proceedings

    If proceedings are necessary, then, in respect of all work up to and including the entry of judgement (or the receipt of a defence) we will charge you the fixed solicitors costs which are added to the costs, in addition we will charge you VAT on these fixed costs.

    There is a Court fee payable on the issue of proceedings which is payable by you but is added to the debt.

    The following table sets out, one fixed fees and Court costs.

    Price List

    Enforcement Costs

    If the judgement debtor fails to pay any judgement sum, then enforcement action can be taken. There are different ways to enforce a debt, but the most common method is to instruct a County Court Bailiff or a High Court Enforcement Officer (the Sheriff).

    In addition to the fixed solicitors costs we will charge your £25.00 + VAT

    Enforcement Costs

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